About GAM

Our Call

We are called to the less privileged, the destitute, the rejected, orphans, the unreached AND to plant church that will make the ways of God known on earth, and His salvation among the people of developing area in Africa (Animism), Europe and Australia (Secularism).

How? Where are these sets of people commonly found? God said we should start from our Jerusalem Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. This is a state in Nigeria South-West.

This we started in the year 2000 in an open space. We never had enough money on us to buy or rent a place. Latter God blessed the grace of obeying Him by giving us a place to assemble His fast growing, glorious people.

That very year, as a child still crawling, God led us to go and started another branch in Okuku, Osun state. Our crusade team (about 25 in number) were sent to locate the town as part of the team work; found it, rented an apartment and we staged an open-air crusade, fed on whatever God provided for us in two weeks. That very year, God made us to stand in front of the hall of this town and prophesied that the fountain of the town be transformed and begin to spring fourth good things. As God will confirm His word, the following year for the first time in the history of this town their native son became the Governor of the state.

Two years later (2003), God said we should go to an abandoned Northern area of Oyo state called Iseyin, our crusade team about 30 in number obeyed this challenging call, we stage an open air crusade. God made us to prophesy in to this town, that very year the newness of God penetrated into this abandoned area of this state, their lives were transformed. Constructions of road, communications networks and other infrastructures followed. The church of God is still marching on till date....

In 2004, God sent us again to Ogbomoso and we stage an open air crusade at the city stadium, still meeting the spiritual need of these less privilege even as we were battling with the survival of this young ministry, with no supporter except the grace of God, it makes the task more challenging since everything is all by faith!

The Lord said there is still more land to cover.

This made us to begin to pray for God's guidance on how to make these visions a reality. Months later one of our spiritual son came to us and he introduced us to YWAM, having being told of YWAM visions and values, prayerfully we applied and we began training with them.

God said it is time to go out of our Jerusalem! Not I alone, must be with my wife! It was like God is asking for our “Isaac”… the money? The hands to hold on to the churches just planted in Nigeria? The time constrains? Etc.