About GAM

Our Passion

Our passion is always how would the church that Christ has left with this great commission be opened to the necessity of the heartbeat of God when He said -GO! Yes, go out of your tribe, your culture, and people, leave everything and share the gospel with others from your Jerusalem to the nations beyond especially when the commander of the mandate is just around the corner for His second advent! Without minding the cost or the challenges!

Also giving up our reputation which is one of the most valuable things we own. We discovered that most people fear of giving up the right to being comfortable. The call to work with people who are not like us is always challenging. Who think differently from how we think? Because it so easy going to the church where we feel most comfortable, where everyone believes as we do, understand and are ready to comply with what we tell them etc. On the field we are now left to face the scorn and slander of different culture, beliefs etc. But we believe we can do all things through Christ that strengthen us and HE WHO OWNS THE COMMISSION OWNS THE PROVISIONS AMEN!