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I thank God for His protection over my life and family. On the 27th December, 2017 someone came to meet my daughter (Testimony), that he wanted to buy fish pie. He told her that she will have to follow him because he is not the only one that wants to buy the good. On getting to the so called place, which looked like one of the olden days houses. she was told to drop her good and move inside the house. She met with some other people whose goods have been dropped outside. As she entered, one man seated shouted, abomination. Don’t touch that child. He rebuked the man who brought her and said, don’t you look at faces implying that this one cannot be used for the rituals. She was sent out of the house. She said the ladies she met inside had calabashes placed on their head. They just kept mute.
On getting out, she found no house around and had to trek some distance before she found someone that described the way to the house for her. By then it was already late and we were searching for her at home because it was unlike her to be late but to the glory of God she arrived home safe and sound, Hallelujah!... SIS J.A