Glorious Upper Room Ministry

The Upper Room Ministry is more than just the prayer house of Glorious Assembly Ministries (Inc.). The vision which started by God's leading in the life of our mother in the Lord, Pastor E.O. Ijaopo, started with just four people but has experienced tremendously growth spiritually numerically and on all sides. This is a group of intercessors, divinely prepared to become end-time armies wherever they find themselves. They are just like the disciples of Jesus that some people described as those that turn the world upside down and indeed these men and women of valour are taught, prepared and equipped to turn the world upside down.

In the Upper Room Ministry brethren set time aside despite their various personal schedule to pray for the church, brethren(like was done for Peter while in prison), our community and even our nation. All this prayers and intercession are by the grace of God always according to the Will of God with the ultimate aim of genuine salvation so as not to pray amiss: as an example, when those seeking the fruit of the womb are being prayed for, it's with focus that the parents will be saved and therefore train up such a child in the way he/she should go, so that when they're old they won't depart from it. This ministry could also be said to be men of Issachar that understand the times and seasons, so they pray inline with God's current operating schedule and the testimonies to the glory of God abounds, ever increasing.

Also, the Upper Room not only care for the spiritual needs of the brethren but on many occasions they have and are meeting the physical needs of the brethren just like Jesus who after feeding the people with Word of God still went ahead to feed 5,000 men with food.

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