Glorious Willows International

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Glorious Willows is the children arm of Glorious Upper Room Ministry. It was established by the leading of God through our Mummy Snr. Pastor Esther.Oluwadamilola Ijaopo on the 7th of December, 2014. The Glorious Willows are not only in our headquarters in Ibadan Oyo state of Nigeria ; we also have them in our church branches in Iseyin also in Oyo State and at Imoshe in Ogun State. We started with 36 Children, At the moment It has grown in Number to 85 and the number keeps increasing to the glory of God. The Glorious Willows derived its name from the promise of God to us found in the book of Isaiah 44:4 "And they shall spring up as among the grass, as 'willows' by the water courses."

Glorious Willows has a vision to develop and empower young children aged 2 years to 14 years with the Word of God, build up godly character even from a tender age, read and study the Bible. They're also helped to discover God's talent in their lives and the conducive environment for the development of such talent is created. By the grace of God these children conduct their services by themselves with little supervision from their coordinators i.e they lead prayers, sing choruses and even exhort themselves from the word of God all by themselves.

They are thought to read the bible and it's part of our focus that they should finish reading the Bible before they clock 16 years.

They are given the platform to build godly confidence in them like Jesus that they will able to confront the scribes of their own time with the gospel of Jesus. Also, they do go out for evangelism where they preach not only to children but even to adults.

God is helping us to catch them young for Jesus and great are the testimonies that abound from parents testifying that God has used the to ignite the family prayer altar to God giving divine instructions to parents that have saved the family...Some of this children came from poor family , some has been abandon by their fathers while some are fatherless..God has been faithful in using some few people to help with Clothing,feeding,and paying these children school fees....While we need Supporters from all over the world to keep these children moving with God's purpose for their lives.


Daily Bible Reading Plan

S/N Month Bible Verses
1 Jan 1 Gen 1-3; Matt 1
2 Jan 2 Gen 4-6; Matt 2
3 Jan 3 Gen 7-9; Matt 3
4 Jan 4 Gen 10-12; Matt 4
5 Jan 5 Gen 13-15; Matt 5:1-26
6 Jan 6 Gen 16-17; Matt 5:27-48
7 Jan 7 Gen 18-19; Matt 6:1-18
8 Jan 8 Gen 20-22; Matt 6:19-34
9 Jan 9 Gen 23-24; Matt 7
10 Jan 10 Gen 25-26; Matt 8:1-17
11 Jan 11 Gen 27-28; Matt 8:18-34
12 Jan 12 Gen 29-30; Matt 9:1-17
13 Jan 13 Gen 31-32; Matt 9:18-38
14 Jan 14 Gen 33-35; Matt 10:1-20
15 Jan 15 Gen 36-38; Matt 10:21-42
16 Jan 16 Gen 39-40; Matt 11
17 Jan 17 Gen 41-42; Matt 12:1-23
18 Jan 18 Gen 43-45; Matt 12:24-50
19 Jan 19 Gen 46-48; Matt 13:1-30
20 Jan 20 Gen 49-50; Matt 13:31-58