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Join us on our Journey to Heaven

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Calvary greetings dearly beloved,

Welcome to Glorious Assembly Ministry’s website. It is our pleasure to have you here at this time. We are the assembly of Glorious people whom the Lord has called out from darkness into His marvelous light. Our God is able to restore hope to you no matter the present state of your life. This website is specially designed to meet your spiritual needs and as well help you in actualizing your God given potentials as it cuts through all spheres of life.

As you explore, you will learn more about the vision, mission, ministries, and also understand the mightiness of our God through the various testimonies. You can study the bible with us as you listen to the undiluted teachings of the word of God from our scriptural clinic. And also listen to inspired soul enriching sermons that gives victory over sin, satan and the self.

Using this opportunity, we invite you to give your life to Jesus, the Restorer of hope. He can do more with your life than you can ever imagine. Surrender your totality to Him and join us on this highway of holiness and practical obedience as we journey to the better country, Heaven.

Once again, we are glad to have you here. Enjoy the great riches embedded here as you continue to explore. God bless you!!! Thanks for your time.

Pastor Titus Henry Seun and Esther O. Ijaopo