About GAM


God gave his minister, Pastor Titus Henry Seun IJAOPO, a revelation where he saw a very big dirty and dusty box, which was bounded by a metal meant as a security for it. When this box was handed over to him, he was told that this box was given to him at birth. It was further explained that all those years which he had spent in the former ministry was meant to prepare him for this great task of this Glorious Assembly Ministry. He eventually took a dirty book out of the box; he cleaned it up and positioned it properly on a table, which marked the beginning of his ministry, this was in April 25th, year 2000.

When he was asked about how or the evidence of this great commission, amidst so much confusions, blasphemy, mockeries even physical lies etc. among other things that surround his testimonies. God gave him six Months of practical Ministries of which to gather people and that each of them should ask for anything in His name, if they were able to get over 75 % result of their request then we should go for the Ministry's inauguration. It was so amazing that at the end of the six months we got well over 80% result. With this experience, the 200 average population were able to gather joyfully to inaugurate the Ministries with us on the 18th of October, 2000.